MEC – “Built for performance and Specialty”

Our MEC Partnership allows Access Sales & Spares to offer you a unique, well-built option that will have you stand out from, and above your competitors, as well as deliver to you a range of specialty machines that are being utilised for specific purpose all around the world.

American built, the MEC brand has an excellent reputation for quality of performance and producing some of the aerial work platform industries most unique and innovative designs.

MEC leads a path of aggressive, new, well-built and much-needed products… needed for the better of the environment… needed by the end user to help with everything from unusual to commonplace tasks on the jobsite.

Our MEC products are designed for a range of elevated work platform applications, from the small indoor scissor lift through to the large scale multi-personnel platform for both indoor and outdoor use.

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MEC 3259ERT Crossover Electric Scissor Lift
Manufacturer: MEC

The MEC 3259ERT is an industrial grade electric scissor lift and forms part of the Crossover ERT Series.  Its design provides outrigger support for platform stability on heavy duty job sites with rough terrain capabilities.


  • Roll-out deck extension with incremental locking positions
  • Large sheet loading entrance accommodates 1.22m material
  • Integrated sheet material rack designed and approved by the manufacturer
  • Fully Proportional Drive and Lift Controls
  • Eight 6V 250A Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Lubrication-Free Scissor Bearings
  • Easy maintenance access to mechanical and electrical
  • components without raising platform or swinging out trays
  • Logically grouped components and numbered wiring for easy reference
  • Dedicated compartments protect electrical and hydraulic components
  • Non-Skid Steel Deck Construction
  • Descent Alarm
  • Drive Speed Interlock
  • Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • Multiple Disc Brakes, manual brake release
  • Scissor Maintenance Lock
  • Dual Automatic Parking Brake
  • Automatic Pothole Protection 



MEC 3259ERT Spec Sheet   


 MEC 3259ERT
 Working Height 11.75m 
 PlatformHeight 9.75m 
 Maximum Drive Height 9.75m 
 Stowed Height (Top Guardrail) 2.44m 
 Stowed Height (Rails Folded) 2.09m 
 Stowed Height (PlatformFloor) 1.30m 
 Guardrail Height 1.10m 
 Toeboard Height 15cm 
 Ground Clearance 15cm 
 Length - Stowed (Overall) 2.67m 
 Length - Stowed (Without Step) 2.50m 
 Length - with Outriggers (option) 3.20m 
 Width 1.5m 
 PlatformLength (Extended) 3.39m 
 PlatformLength (Retracted) 2.31m 
 Roll-Out Deck Length 1.07m 
 Platform Width (Outside) 1.17m 
 Sheet Rack Width 20cm 
 Wheelbase 2.1m 
 Total Lift Capacity 340kg 
 Personnel Capacity MAX 2 persons 225kg
 Roll-Out Deck Capacity 113kg 
 Sheet Rack Capacity 113kg 
 Drive Speed (Stowed) 5.0km/h 
 Drive Speed (Raised) .65 
 Turning Radius (Inside) 1.5m 
 Weight (Approximately**) 3150kg 
 Brakes Dual Rear Wheelmulti-Disc 
 Power Source 36 v DC, 375A 
 Drive Axle 4WD Hydraic 
 Controls Proportional drive and lift controls 


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